Patient Characteristics


    What is the sex of your patient?
    What is the race of your patient?
    What is the age of your patient?
    Does your patient have pain or paresthesia?


    Which jaw contains the lesion?
    The lesion center is in what region ?
    The relationship of the lesion to teeth is:
    Please estimate the number of lesions:
    What is the maximum size of the lesion?
    Where is the origin of the lesion?
    The borders of the lesion are:
    The loculation of the lesion is:
     Internal Structure
    The contents of the lesions are:
    Does the lesion contain one or more teeth ?
     Effects on Surrounding Structures
    Does the lesion expand the bony cortex?
    Does the lesion cause root resorption ?
    Does the lesion cause tooth displacement or impaction?

    Shall we consider prevalence?

Touch when finished to formulate a radiographic differential.

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