Differential Diagnosis (lesion data as of Mar 10, 2020 14:30:07)

    Most Likely Lesions (greater than 0.1% )
        36%  Extraction socket 
        22%  Residual cyst  
        16%  Surgical defect 
        13%  Lateral periodontal cyst  
         8%  Osteitis fibrosa cystica (Brown tumors from hyperparathyroidism)  
         2%  Simple (traumatic, solitary) bone cyst   
         1%  Plasmacytoma  
         1%  Bone marrow cavity  
    Total percent is  98.38%
    Occasionally the Differential Diagnosis includes one or more lesions that are clearly
    incorrect. When this happens check the box to the left of the lesion and then touch
    to re-compute the Differential Diagnosis.

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